Integrated Centre for Advanced Materials and Molecular Science IIC-Matmol
The Centre covers a major part of the research interests of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. To them currently belong:

In accord with the current mission of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the activity is mainly oriented to the fundamental research, though applied, or industry oriented research plays also an important role. Teaching and training of young researchers belongs to the natural activities of the Centre.

Aims of the Integrated Centre are focused to the closer collaboration between the above-mentioned departments. Current standard personal computers have narrowed the gap between the theory and experiment by making reliable calculations feasible. To get scientists with theoretical and experimental background closer to each other is one of the main tasks of the Centre. For theoretical chemists such integration brings better understanding of the experimental work in material research, which on the other hand implies new ideas how to solve the problems looking through the scope of theoreticians. Finally, experimental material research is more and more pushed towards (pseudo) molecular structures; hence even computational methods that now treat relatively small molecular systems may soon be useful, applicable, but also desired in the advanced materials research. The Centre will help to establish direct links between groups of the Centre with the aim to achieve a synergy effect resulting in the new-quality advanced nano/micro materials either for catalysis (clay minerals) or for engineering /functional application (nano-ceramics). Except the aims in particular fields, the next main goal is to develop further links and/or improve existing links between the Integrated Centre for Advanced Materials and Molecular Science in Bratislava and other high-level European research institutions or other centres of excellence. The Centre supports this effort through networking of the institutions and through financial support for visiting senior and post-doctoral researchers and students. Personal exchange is substantial for really effective integration of the Centre in the European research area. Organization of, and participation on international conferences or workshops is a further goal of the Centre. [back to CMQC home page]